Vietnam Voyage Continues

So day 4 completed in Vietnam and we have done some serious exploring to the point that we have been in bed by 9 the last few nights!!! I’m guessing it’s a combo of Jetlag, lack of sleep prior to getting here, the humidity and the sweltering heat!!! Along with walking the legs off ourselves!!!!

Monday saw us visit Lady Buddha…..the largest and only female Buddha in Vietnam! Pretty impressive when you stand below her and look up! All around her were temples and statues to explore along with amazing view points!

The woman herself……Lady Buddha!

The heat and crowds were intense to say the least! Strange we haven’t seen many tourists from our side of the world, as my sister describes them as “Westerners”!! Refreshing in a way as it helps to totally immerse into the Vietnamese culture.

Unbelievable views…..the photo does not do it justice!!

We visited another view point before heading back to the beach front of Da Nang to get our regular fix of Vietnamese coffee…..seriously this stuff is unreal and I can say I’m totally addicted!!!

Da Nang coastline spans over 30km so we walked for a while (not the whole lot!!) watching the locals taking a dip in the sea and playing many sports in the evening sun.

We ventured to an Indian as we needed a change from Vietnamese food and have to say it was AMAZING!!!

Never seen a Samosa this big before!!!

After, we strolled back to our hotel, venturing off the beaten track down some side streets to see how the locals live…..nicely they leave their front doors open so I had a right noisy look in!!!!

All of us were super wrecked so headed back to our rooms and I was asleep by half 9….. how people party hard all night and site see during the day I will never know…..maybe I’m just getting old!!!

Up early on Tuesday and off we went to visit Marble Mountain as we wanted to beat the crowds along with the midday sun. Sweet Jesus we climbed some Monstrous steps and sweated to the point that I felt I peed myself several times over! Again all for a good cause as views and sights were priceless.

Burnt a few calories and generated some new muscles all in aid of these views!

We were under the illusion that there was supposed to be some serious rain this week but barely seen a few drops… sister asked me to bring the sun from Ireland which I definitely did in triple doses!!!

At lunchtime we ventured into Da Nang to get our catholic fix of a cathedral followed by some healthy Vietnamese food…..of course being optimistic and bloody starving, I laced mine with a massive handful of chillie…… my mouth was one big ring of fire!!!

We spent the afternoon at the hotel pool but I haven’t been feeling the best today so took myself off to the spa for an hour long head to toe Vietnamese massage…..tough going as at one point she was on top of my back and I thought my oesophagus was going to burst out through the table!!! Have to say I feel a million times better for it…..I was back in my bed by 5pm and slept like a baby for a few hours…..I skipped dinner but my sister was so nice to being me a snack of Bahmi and my daily fix of Diet Coke!!!! She made me drink a dyoralite and I’m back in business!!!

Tomorrow we are up early and leaving at 7am as we take a mini break to Hoi An for 3 days……how can you say no to getting a hotel room for the 3 of us for 2 nights for €44!!! Many people have told me that Hoi An is amazing and from what I can see on the net it sure will be worth the visit.

I plan to get some new suits tailored along with renting bikes and heading out to the nearby villages to see how the locals live!

My body for sure is thankful for all the water I’m consuming and the minimal intake of alcohol but due to the heat I’m so swollen I look like I’m 9 months pregnant!!!!!


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