Jumping for Joy……New Exercise Adventure!

Claudia & I pre class……no one needed to see the state of us after!!!

So this week I decided to mix it up as I am for sure a person who gets very bored easily when it comes to exercising!

A friend convinced me to try a trampoline exercise class and all I can say is……Sweet Divine Jesus!!!! There was definitely lots of pain for the full 60 minute class! But as I say……No Pain No Gain!

It all starts off nice and easy, bouncing away to good music……until the instructor ups the anti to the point I thought my stomach was going to come out through my mouth!!!

I have never seen anyone go so hard on a trampoline before!!! I aimed to be as good as her (A million miles from achieving this!) but had the fear of god that I would bounce through my trampoline ripping it to shreds!!!! Luckily I didn’t do this or rip my pants! It was fun, we laughed a lot and boogied to some decent tunes!

I don’t think I have ever sweated that much after an exercise class…..so it must have worked! I left the class feeling like I had peed my pants I was that soaked in sweat!!!

I for sure will be frequenting this class…..I thoroughly enjoyed that feeling I have actually done something! We have already booked in for next week……need to work on our co-ordination but practice makes perfect!

Wednesday night saw me back at my usual circuits class…..totally different to previous ones and was for sure tough as nails…..the hot weather outside definitely didn’t help and yet again I was a wet mess driving home!!! Doing a high intensity class 2 nights in a row is not alone crazy but leaves you as one sore seƱorita!!!

Keep it interesting and mix it up……this is the key……the great thing about high impact classes means you only have to do them once or twice a week so less time indoors!

I didn’t grace the gym with my presence for the rest of the week and on Sunday night, I had my health assessment review which I was looking forward to……honestly I didn’t give 2 shits what my weight was!!! All I wanted to know was whether my fitness had improved and to see if the last 4 weeks have paid off…… I am sleeping better, my outlook on life is more positive and I’m super productive at work…….no matter what the figures say, this is the biggest gain by far!

So the outcome of the review assessment was…….AMAZING!!! In less than 4 weeks my body fat mass has reduced by almost 5%……holy shit!!! Even the gym guy was impressed!! My flexibility has improved significantly too along with my cardiac and lung function……smiles all round and fist pumping to celebrate my achievement……OH YA!!!

Exercising isn’t all about loosing weight…..it’s the high you get from the release of serotonin……everything else that releases these bad boys is either illegal or leaves you hanging out of your a**e!!

Yes I have exercised a bit but haven’t done the dog on it and at times only gone to the gym once a week along with a class…… any change is change and small steps will help you reach your bigger goal…….if I can do it so can you!!!