Clearing Out Brain Clutter!

We all carry a lot around in our head……a colourful mixture of thoughts, ideas, processes and also a lot of shite! Clearing your mind and your head can be of huge benefit and something we all should do regularly!

We spend time cleaning our houses, our cars and even our office desk but we never devote much needed time to clearing our mind.

At times when I’ve been stressed up to my eye balls, I have so much racing through my head that I’m fit to self combust! I can’t think straight and only focused on the acute and what I can sort and handle. Eventually it all builds up and I find myself exhausted, demotivated and wanting to curl up under my duvet and shut the world out! But as I know I can’t do this and need to face my brain clutter head on and sort my shite out.

This was something I never did in my 20’s and found myself carrying an oversized suitcase of crap around with me! Been in my 30’s (and more so recently) I now know I can’t live like this and must get my ducks in order……maybe it’s also a combination that I have zero tolerance for stress and BS and want to live my life to its fullest and be my happiest and best!

So what exactly is brain clutter? Brain clutter aka a bucket load of a shitty mess will vary from person to person!! For me it’s a combination of several things:

1. Worrying what others think of me

2. Putting myself under serious pressure

3. Always putting myself down and not acknowledging my strengths

4. Never believing that I am good at anything

5. Social pressures influencing my choices (which in turn don’t make me happy as don’t sit well with me!)

I am sure many of you will relate to my list above but for others it could be other things at the forefront of your brain clutter! Take time to make a list and clear out the junk!

Apart from identifying the entangled ball of mess, I know it’s important to spend time letting the air in between my ears and giving it a good spring clean!

Time alone or “Me Time” is the foundation of it all! Some see “Me Time” as selfish but I believe it’s super important……spending and investing time on yourself is the secret ingredient to being the best version of yourself……shut the world out and all the noise it makes and focus solely on you! Feed your mind and body with your own company and this will help rid that heavy suitcase of shite!

Reflecting on what has happened, what went well and what you would do different in the future is healthy and fundamental……I am a true reflector by nature and constantly analyze situations to ensure that if it happens again, I do what suffices me! Now don’t over analyze things or you head will burst! And don’t just reflect on the bad……reflect on the good too!

A constant undercurrent in my blog and my many posts is “Do What Makes YOU Happy”! Don’t be an asshole about it but fill you days and your life with things that satisfy you, make you smile and fill you with happiness and self content!

As the years tick on, I slowly start to realise that not everyone will like me (this has taken me a very long time to accept!) It is ok if you are not everyone’s cup of tea……you are you and you do what makes you happy……surround yourself with people who enjoy your company and avoid those individuals who have nothing better to do with their time than to bitch about you or put you down……often these people are the ones who are unhappy with their own lives and more than likely slightly envious or jealous of you……spin the negative around……take it as compliment!

And remember, often your best is not good enough for others and you won’t be able to please them no matter what you do! This is my main focus as of late! I’ve decided to give 100% to any task I do, and if others don’t think it’s enough well tough shit! I know I’ve done my best and that’s the important thing……if they feel it’s not enough there’s nothing I can do!

Mental health is vital to a happy healthy life. A good, clear mindset and happy frame of mind will help you get through anything.