And so the Journey begins!


I have wanted to start a blog for some time but never had the balls to do so!! A good friend bought me a book to help get me through a difficult time (will talk about this book and this crazy time later on!) and since reading it I thought “There’s no time like the present”! So I have bitten the bullet and here I am!

My name is Jennifer (Jen to those close to me!), I’m 32 and I am on the crazy rollercoaster we call life! We all know that life is one big journey and we hold the key to our destiny. My life has been colourful (to say the least!) with many highs and lows along the way. As this journey continues (still figuring out what the hell I am doing at times!) I wanted to share some of my personal experiences and how they have influenced me – some good and some, well could have been better!

Those who know me know I love to talk and I love to make people laugh – there is no better sound than the sound of laughter! So, through my stories, experiences and drama’s I want to bring some light heartedness to this ever stressful and straight laced world we all get tangled up in.

As I have sat considering all I want to write about, lots came to mind! But for me, entering and living in my 30’s has being a massive game changer! My outlook on life and myself has changed and I have noticed a massive shift in what satisfies me! This didn’t happen overnight like an epiphany!! It has been a mini journey over the past few years!

We often hear that life begins in your 40’s (after a mid-life crisis!!) but I believe that your 30’s are super significant which no one ever talks about! Society pressurises us to think that we need to be married, own a house, have a high paying job and 2.5 kids! For me, 3 out of those 4 do not exist – by choice of course!!!

So along with sharing my stories and experiences on my blog (and where possible explained in a humorous manner!) I will discuss other topics that are of interest to me: health, fitness and nutrition (a passion of mine as I was a registered Dietitian during my 20’s!), relationships, work (career changing & the woe’s of a woman in the workplace!!), beauty, fashion, travel, bereavement and social pressures. At this stage you might be thinking that is some load to be talking about!! I warned you…I do love to talk!