Never Lower Your Heel Height!


This ladies is an invaluable lesson I have learned while working in the business world and among men who perceive themselves as powerful!! Many of my colleagues (both male and female) will have heard me say this; “Never Lower your Heel Height” ! Here are my 5 main reasons why:

  1. Under no circumstances let anyone think you are below them! Wearing high heels will bring you up to their height so they are looking you directly in the eye and not down on you! At 5ft 6 I see myself as above average height for a woman. But when working in a world which is dominated by men, I quickly learned that I was a short ass! I replaced my heels from a 2 inch to a 4inch (yes I know some of you are wincing in pain right now!) to ensure that I was somewhat up their with the “boys”. I see myself as equal but I want to at least feel that when they are talking to me its to my face and not to the top of my head!
  2. A good high heel gives an air of confidence (to you and to others). While trotting around in those impressive 4 inchers, others know you mean business. They look on in awe and think “How the f**k does she stay upright in those all day”! Take pride in the stamina you have to keep those bad boys on; no matter how many blisters you have or how your bunions are bursting out the sides –  keep going! Apart from what others think (something I continue to work on – not giving a s**t what others think!) it makes you feel more confident when strutting you stuff in those sexy shoes.
  3. It’s a great way to get a workout (well tone your bum and legs anyways!). Yes I do believe that my toned calves come from parading around all day in my stiletto heels……obviously when no one is looking they are kicked off underneath the desk!! But I do feel the burn after I have power walked all day in them……as they say “No pain, no gain”!! When working in business and regularly working crazy hours, I often have struggled to fit in time for exercise… in a way this kills 2 birds with one stone! I’m not saying you will burn the same amount of calories as running a marathon…..but any calories burnt is a plus!
  4. They hear you before they see you! Now maybe it’s just me that makes so much noise when I appear in my heels (yes I’m very heavy footed when I walk) but people always know when I have arrived!!! They hear you trotting along and this gives you a massive presence where ever you go…….You want to be seen and heard! In the business world, having a presence is vital and no better way to make a statement that you have arrived is to the sweet clicking of a high heel!
  5. It gives you an advantage over those who are shorter than you (especially men!!). Sadly in some companies, men are still perceived as superior over their female counterparts…..perceived been the optimal word as many of us women are just as good if not better at the job than them! I would love to see them walk all day in high heels!! So for the “not so tall” colleagues you work with…..been a few inches higher actually gives you an instant advantage… will stand out in the crowd…..and as we know this is one of the necessities to be successful in the business world!

Now I am not saying that wearing super high heels will make you better at your job, bag that promotion you desire or simply make you succeed…..but it’s definitely a useful tool in the bag of tricks on how to progress in the world of business!