Hanging in Hoi An

Admist my trip to Danang, Vietnam; we decided to take a 3 day mini break to Hoi An to explore ‘town life’ and a popular spot among tourists. Danang is the 3rd largest city in vietnam but so far, in almost a week, we have seen very few ‘Western Travellers’. Why, I don’t know as the beaches are amazing with such a chilled and relaxed atmosphere. Apart from this, construction is in full swing and scary to think what Danang will look like in 5-10years……a complete shadow of what we have being experiencing.

As we had booked our hotel in Danang for the full 2 weeks, we decided to book on a budget and managed to nab a hotel for €44 for 2 nights for the 3 of us…..absolute bargain, or so we thought!!! The room was grand and I shared a bed with my sister while we turfed her partner out into the single bed!!! The bathroom on the other hand was utter vomit material with mould splashed up the walls and a shower curtain that looked like it had been dragged through the sewers (the picture below speaks for itself!!)

Yes this is the bathroom wall and no I would not survive backpacking around the world!!

With a dose of ‘grin and bare it’ and don’t be a ‘moaning mini’ I found myself using the facilities with my eyes closed shut!!! All I could think was ‘what a f**king shithole’!!!

Prior to arriving in Vietnam, I had done my homework on the best tailors in town to get some suits custom made for work as Hoi An is the place to get this done! I chose Duna as the reviews said they were excellent and was literally down the road from the hotel. There are 100’s of tailors to choose from with varying price and as they say you get what you pay for!

Amazing service with exceptional quality!

So in I went, got measured up and provided them with plenty of pictures of what I wanted. I had picked designs from a very high end expensive brand back home. Choosing the material was fun and I selected Cashmere; the best of course! Thank Christ my sister with me as she bargained a price (she’s a pro; I’m utter shite at this!!!). For €330 I bagged myself 2 trouser suits and a business dress……I was scared to think what I would pay back home for this gear!

Within 24hours, the clothes were made, had a fitting and some small adjustments were required. Within a further 4 hours, I was collecting my suits and returning to the hotel!!!! Seriously, McDonalds or Starbucks don’t produce “the goods” as fast as these ladies do!!!

One happy lady…….holding on tight to those bad boys!!

Hoi An during the day is hard going; extremely busy with tourists and an assassination on all your senses!! It was seriously muggy and humid as hell and I was a wet pool of sweat for the entire day! My sister was here 6 years ago and was shocked how much the place has changed…….Tourism has completely changed the face of this once cute and quaint place! We strolled around the markets and shops and yes it was beautiful but my god trying to stay alive is a task in itself!!!!

I much prefer Hoi An at night as all the pretty lanterns are in full glow and on display……a magical colour explosion for the eyes and brain!

Pictures just don’t do justice for this place!

The following day, we decided to get our arses out to the country side to explore the local scenery and villages. I definitely needed some exercise because since I’ve arrived my waist size has been increasing quicker than inflating a balloon! But these bikes ain’t like bikes back home…..no gears and a seat so hard your arse aches for days after!! But definitely work it to experience the slower pace of life and the contrast of the scenery from city life.

Their roads are better than some of the back roads near me back home!

The evening found me having a few hours sleep back at the hotel as the weather had taken its toll on me! I have been licking hydration sachets like a drug addict which have been my saving grace while here! By 9pm, I was getting cabin fever, so my sister and I went out to the shop but soon found ourselves sitting outside a small bar consuming copious amounts of alcohol! There’s zero photographic evidence of this as I was in my nightie……yes, what a disgrace but my excuse was it looked like a dress!!!! We arrived back at 1am worse for wear and passed out pretty fast!

The following day, we did some final exploring and shopping for gifts for everyone back home before heading back to Danang.

Some very cute shops in Hoi An!

I have to say I welcomed the return to Danang as it’s much more relaxed and less abused by tourists! I still don’t understand why many people skip stopping in Danang when travelling Vietnam…….it is a hidden treasure and definitely worth a visit!